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The Choir of the Century
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Welcome to Comber RBL.
Meetings 2nd Tuesday of the month.
Comber Rifle Club.

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The history of
our wonderful town
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A new page to help
care for the wounded.

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The search is on for
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The most accurate and up to
date list there is anywhere
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Bottles of Wine  WINE MAKING
Just because you make it
yourself is no reason to believe
it is not a great wine.
It is also TAX FREE.

Kite and Contrails KITES and RADIO
One of the oldest sites on
the internet. The information
is still good today.

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A radio amateur and electronics
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junk to prove it.

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Logo of Northern Ireland Field Archery Association
Northern Ireland Field
Archery Association
Logo of International Field Archery Association

The Northern Ireland Field Archery Association

              Is an association of friends brought together through the love of Field Archery. It draws its membership from all parts of Northern Ireland irrespective of politics, religion, colour or profession. Archery is of paramount importance to the membership transcending all other considerations. We the members of the NIFAA will provide for one another a mutually agreed ethos by instrument of Constitution outlining the purpose of our existence and how we may organise ourselves to the benefit of all. To inculcate a feeling of esprit de corps, a mutual respect and an understanding of the needs and wishes of all its members. By common consent, and in the fullness of time we shall create a system of organisation which shall be guided by the constitution written by the membership for the membership of NIFAA. We shall make reference to the constitution as our instrument of guidance as it contains those cardinal precepts to which we all gave our acclaim and consent. From among the membership of NIFAA a number of people shall by election be called upon to act as the NIFAA Committee. They are answerable and accountable to the ordinary membership of NIFAA for their actions. They are tasked to co-ordinate the activities of the Association membership and ensure that the affairs of the Association are conducted in an open, fair and efficient manner.
Club Committees shall organise their affairs under the same constitution as the IFAA Committee.
The Articles of Constitution comprises of a series of explanatory chapters outlining the problems and their solution any organisation may possibly have to deal with during its existence. Because of the vagaries of human nature a constitution must where possible provides a solution to all reasonably anticipated possibilities. Anything not properly dealt with in this constitution shall be proposed for amendment or inclusion in subsequent revisions of the document. Although the language used is sometimes convoluted and apparently repetitive the purpose is to remove ambiguity so that it cannot be construed to mean something other than intended.
Logo of Northern Ireland Field Archery Association Original Oil Painting of UPAC Archery Club Hong Kong Association
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