Adrian Hanna (GI0 SMU)., 39, Dalton Crescent., COMBER., N. Ireland., BT23 5HE. You can ring me between 10am and 10pm U.K. Time but please not on Saturday or Sunday I need time to myself. The Number is +44 02891 874224. The +44 is for folks who reside outside the United Kingdom. Check this in your country. I would appreciate any feedback on the performance of the kite and any ideas how the system may be improved. Any good ideas received will be included in future updates of this page so that we can all share in the development of Kite-antennas

I have retired from making kites and this page is only available for reference. However there is a limited number of kites available and they will be released on a first come first served basis.
There is a reasonable stock of components still remaining which includes:- sails, ferrules, carbon spars, cloth and other sundry items anyone who makes a reasonable offer can start off their own business.(Buyer collects!)
Winders not normally supplied, a suitable winder is illustrated elswhere in these pages.
Flying line can be obtained from good fishing tackle shops.
Antenna wire...if you can't find suitable wire in your country then take up Rugby. Why Rugby?!.... Because it's a game played with odd balls.

Please leave a Call Sign or Name. I will then know if this page is being read by
I have noticed that large sections are being plagiarized and no acknowledgement is being regarding this source. Anyone who offers up for publication any of my work pretending that it is their own are unworthy and unprincipled. I will have no hesitation in contacting the publisher of such material seeking redress and accreditation for myself, the true author. In any event I will use this Web Site to make public the identity of such a disreputable person.

If you wish to see the kites in action the kite user group flies at MILLISLE or DONAGHADEE most Sundays from about 2pm to 5pm depending on available light, wind rain snow Etc. You are welcome to come along and have a chat and try out the kites and see how the Kite_antenna system works. I would also be happy to demonstrate the system at Radio Rallies.