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Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph - May 12, 1958

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The Glaggow Herald, April 3rd 1951

THE TELEGRAM, Toronto, Mon, June 30, 1958

The music is something grand, a credit to ...

... Old Ireland is Ulster's Singing Band


       Choir director Irene Brown plays the piano, four former members of the Ulster Girls' Choir who are now living in Toronto sing the songs that will be on the programme when the choir visits Toronto next April, Left to right are Eileen Knox, Maureen MacCullough, Mrs Gavin McEwan and Ethel Thompson.
In Northern Ireland, they're holding beetle drives and selling rhubarb ... In Canada, they are getting their heads together figuring out a way to raise money .
In both countries members of the Ulster Girls Choir are making plans for the Choirs trip to Canada next April.
Miss Irene G. Browne, choir director, is in Toronto now, making arrangements for the tour. The girls will give two concerts at Eaton Auditorium and one at Timothy Eaton United Church.
Miss brown hopes that they'll give concerts all over the province, and in the United States too. "We'll go wherever we're invited. " She laughed.
The girls have raised the money to bring them here themselves. All the proceeds from their concerts will go to charity.
Age of choir members range from 12 to 23 years. There are 80 girls in the choir but only 60 will make the trip. The youngest ones will stay home.
The girls in Ulster are raising money by all sorts of methods. A favourite is the beetle drive. "Beetle" is apparently something like our bingo. Instead of covering the numbers with cardboard, however, contestants must draw part of the beetle over the number. When the whole beetle is drawn the game is over.
One girl is selling rhubarb out of her fathers garden. One is making chocolate eclairs and selling them to friends at school. Others are .... Missing fragment ......
The programme will include Ulster Folk Songs, and all sorts, from the classics to popular. There'll be Irish folk dancing too, taught by choir member Adeline Johnston. The girls will dance in Irish Green costumes with Celtic embroidery,
The choir costumes are pure Irish Linen - tan skirts, topped with beige blouses and matching tan ties. The red hand of Ulster is embroidered on the blouse.
The choir founded by Miss Brown eight years ago, has given concerts all over Ireland and in London. Their pet charity has been , since 1954, The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)
It's charming ambassador, Miss Browne is enjoying her Toronto stay - although she was a little doubtful when she arrived in Malton. "It was pouring rain," she said in her soft Irish brogue. "I thought the plane had turned around and I was back at Nutt's Corner !" Nutt's Corner is the foggy, damp Northern Ireland airport location.

This is Maureen MacCulloch the lady who sent me this material from Toronto, Canada. It was taken in London February 1956 and appeared in a London newspaper.
This is the first real picture evidence that the Choir had a logo which appears to be a "red hand of Ulster" .... well, I'm assuming it was red, perhaps someone will let me know.

Maureen wrote:-
Here are the pictures as promised. I am looking forward to the idea rhat I might connect with some old friends. For years I've though that someone should take on this project and am so pleased that you have taken it on.
Best regards,


Vera Kennedy - Maureen MacCulloch(McMillan) - Carol McGibney (McBurney) - Bertha McGowan .


Carol McGibney - Maureen MacCulloch

Saint Paul's London

1 Maureen MacCulloch, - 2?, - 3? - 4 Carol McGibney, - 5? - 6 Bertha McGowan Deceased.
Front row: 7 - 11 All unknown.....

October 1954.

We will sing in Dublin tonight.

Members of the Ulster Girls' Choir at rehersal in the Metropolitan Hall, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin. They are singing tonight in aid of the Adelaide Hospital Campaign. 1 Ina Clarke, 2 Bertha McGowan, 3 Maureen McMillan, 4 Frances Gore, 5 Edna Dunlop. 6 Joan Parker, 7 Carol McBurney

Portstewart 1954 or 1955

1 Bertha McGowan, 2 Maureen O'Hara, 3 Ethel Clugston.

Probably enroute to Tumbridge Wells 1956

1 Unknown, 2 Carol (McBurney) McGibney. 3 Unknown
Note the Red Hand Motiff on the blouses.

London 1956

Probably enroute to Tumbridge Wells 1956

1 Carol (McBurney) McGibney.   2 Ulster M.P.   3 Maureen MacCulloch.
This was taken outside the M.P's Flat.

RESEARCH NOTE The MP was Possibly :- (Florence) Patricia Alice McLaughlin
Unionist Party, West Belfast constituency for the 1955 general election.
Image from National Archive, National Portrait Gallery.

Taken on the route to Tumbridge Wells February 1956.

1?, 2 Maureen MacCulloch. 3 Bertha McGowan, 4 Maureen O'Hara, 5 Agnes Irvine (nee Campbell)
6- 9 all Unknown.
Goodness those apples were sour.

Overseas Student League Christmas 1955 at Queen's University..

1?   2?   3 Vera Kennedy,   4 Rota (Hatch) Thornberry,   5 Miss Brown,   6?   7 Maureen O'Hara   8   9   10  11   12   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   ..................... 19?   20?   21   22   23 Harriet (Hatch)   24 Edna (Dunlop) Stanley  
25 Maureen McMillan MacCulloch   26 Ina Clarke   27 Adeline Johnston  28 ?  29 ? 

Relaxing on the rocks at Portstewart 1954 or '55.

Maureen McMillen, - Carol McBurney, - Bertha McGowan

Portstewart 1954 or '55

Maureen McMillen, - Carol McBurney, in the Morgan, or is it an MG,?, while Bertha McGowan is working the camera.
It is interesting to see the Isadora Duncan long trailing scarf, these girls certainly knew about fashion when not in choir uniform.

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